With 50 years of vast experience in retail fruit & vegetables, we identified an opportunity for fresh delicately hand-picked mushrooms.

SA Mushrooms has always been a family run business focussing on the highest quality service.

It took five years from identifying the potential opportunity fresh mushrooms to picking their first mushrooms in 1998. In seventeen years of span, the farm has expanded from 6 to 26 growing rooms and grown production from 2.5 to 20 tonnes/week, with initially compost being purchased from interstate to building their own mushroom compost making facility in 2014.

On the heels of its success at the 2013 South Australian Food Industry Awards, in 2014, SA Mushrooms constructed its own local mushroom compost facility, together with state of the art cool rooms at Store 17 Adelaide Produce Market Pooraka and in doing so, fully integrating and localising its entire growing and selling process. With this latest expansion in place, SA Mushrooms are now able to maintain total control over their product, offering wholesalers and consumers unprecedented consistency, sustainability and quality.